Germany Job Seeker Visa

Germany is a fantastic country of Europe and it has sound economy. This country has strict policies regarding the immigration, but in some cases Germany induct more skilled and expertise through different immigration programs.There are different types of visas including Germany job seeker visa that is long-term residence visa that permit the visa holder to reside in this country for six  months and search employment for his own. Germany tries to induct more skilled and highly educated individuals as an immigrant, but they must fulfill the requirements of skills shortage.
This visa is valid for six months and within these six months the visa holder get a job in this country then this visa change into a long-term residence permit. However, after completing five years on residence permit, applicant can apply for permanent residency in Germany.

Germany Job Seeker Visa Requirements:

1. Applicant for this visa must have master or bachelor degree from German universities or overseas degree equal to German degree. 
2. Applicant must be equipped with five years relevant experience according to education.
 3. Applicant of this visa must have enough funds to support him during his stay in this country.
 4. Applicant should arrange medical or travel insurance during his stay.

Germany Job Seeker Visa Required Documents:

German job seeker visa is a legal document that permits the visa holder to stay in this countryfor six months and search his job his own and if he gets the job, then this visa will change into residence permit. 

This resident permits and job seeker visa demands some compulsory documents from the applicant which must be provided by the applicant.
1. Applicant should have valid passport and its validity must be over one year.
2. Applicant’s passport initial pages copies.
3. Three passport sized color pictures of the applicant.
4. A covering letter that describes the details of job searching and if it is not available, then what will be alternative line.
5. Copies of all academic documents like degree, certificates or diplomas or other work experience certification.
6. Curriculum Vitae (CV) of the applicant provides full details.
7. Solid proof of the accommodation in Germany where applicant will stay.8. Financial supporting documents like bank statement or any other relevant documents.
9. Personal documents translated into German language like birth certificate, marriage certificate, etc.
10. Valid documented proof of health insurance.

Application Procedure: 

This visa demands an application for this visa and procedure is almost the same as other overseas application. However, there are different types of documents which must be provided by the applicant for this visa process. The prime duty of this visa applicant is to gather required documents. Initially make a list of all required documents and thenarrange according to the list. The list of the documents can be collected from the German embassy or consulate in your native country through online. So, arrange all your documents and make at least two sets for further use.


An appointment is necessary for an interview and for this applicant needs to contact German embassy or consulate for this.The appointment usually takes about three months so it is necessary for the applicant that he/she immediately takes the appointment to interview. It compulsory for the visa applicant that he must be there at  German embassy  or consulate prior to interview time, in case the applicant is late from his appointment, then German embassy can cancel the appointment. Make sure that you are equipped with all necessary or demanded documents including visa processing fee receipt.
German embassy on satisfaction and documents checking they issue the German job seeker visa and this document allow the visa holder to stay in this country for six months and search job according to qualification and experience.On getting job in Germany the visa holder have two choices one is to apply for EU Blue Card or apply for employment residence permit.However, after passing 33 months on EU Blue Card the applicant can get permanent residence permit in GermanyIn case the applicant proves the fluency in German language according to level B1 then he can get permanent residence permit after 21 months. The visa holder after settlement in this country can invite his family members through Family Reunion Long-Term Visa. However, the sponsor will fulfill all the requirement of this visa prior to apply.