Canada Visit Visa

Canada is a marvelous country of the world which attracts tourists, visitors, workers, business community people and students from other countries of the world. There are thousands of visitors visit each day Canada because of its natural beauty and peaceful environment.Canada is a develop country and has fantastic infrastructure along with developed tourism department. Moreover, this country has multicultural tradition; relax government policies regarding tourists and provided fantastic facilities.Canada has friendly government:

Policies, marvelous natural beauty, classic living environment, best living standard, best outdoor activities like hiking,mountain biking, climbing, skiing, etc. 
Canada encourages and facilitates tourists from other region of the world in its best hotels and restaurants. Moreover, Canada provided outstanding services in all visiting points and sites. There are different types of water sports and other games for international visitors or tourists. Canada provides the best communication ways and other relevant facilities to international tourists.

Canada Visit Visa Requirements:

Canada demands valid visit visa from all overseas tourists and visitors because this is a legal document that allows the individual to enter in this country for sightseeing.However, the followings are some basic and fundamental documents which must be provided by the visit visa applicant for securing this visits visa.
1. Canada visitor or tourist must have valid passports and other related documents.
2. Visitor should be in good physical condition and have good moral character.
3. The visitor must convince the visa officer that he will come back after touring this country to his native country.
4. Tourist must have enough funds to support him during his stay in this country.
5. Applicant also equipped with Temporary Resident Visa according to citizenship.
6. Medical test clearance report from recommended medical hospital or clinic.
7. Letter of invitation from Canadian citizen if applicable.

How to apply Canada visit visa?

Canada visit visa is necessary to enter in this country for visiting different places or visiting family and friends.This visit visa applicant is completed into two steps:

1: First Step Of Visit Visa Application:

The overseas applicant who want to visit this part of the world need to visit visa and for this he applies through 
application at Canada visa office in his native country or in which currently he is living.
The visa officer calls him to interview and in this interview the visa officer inquires about the reason of this visit along
with other necessary documents.
The visa applicant convinces the visa officer that he will leave this country after expiry of this visits visa. 
It is necessary for Canada visit visa applicant that he convinces the visa authorities that he has businesses or job in 
his native country as well as family member that is why he will return after expiry of this visits visa.

2: Second Step Of Visit Visa Application:

The visa officer after confirmation issues the visit visa and the visa holder land in Canada where at the port of the entry 
an immigration officer ask about the visit visa application permissibly.This visit visa has different categories according to enter like single or multiple entries.The single entry visa is valid for six months after the date of issue. However, the maximum validity of
this multiple entry visa is for up to ten years.

Canada visit visa exempted countries:

All countries of the world need to visit visa prior to enter in this country, but there are some exceptional cases in this regard.The citizen of British dependent territories do not require visit visa. The territories whose citizen are by birth belong to these territories and do not need to
visit visa like Anguilla, Bermuda, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Falkland Islands, Gibraltar, Montserrat, Pitcairn, St. Helena or the Turks and Caicos Islands.British national overseas do not need to visit or transit visa in Canada.The individuals who have passport or traveling documents issued by the Holy See do not need to visit visa for Canada. 
Taiwan passport holders do not need any visit or transit visa for Canada.It is necessary that this passport is issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Taiwan. Israel passport holder also exempted from visit or transit visa for Canada.The e-passport issued from the Lithuania passport holder do not require visit visa for Canada.

The people or visitors who have Poland e-passport do not need to visit visa for this country.