Canada Business Visa

Canada financially stable country of the first world and it is now a focal point of all businessmen and investors.Canadian government welcomes international investors and businessmen to contribute in the enhancement of national economy.Canada is leading in different segments like aerospace, automobiles, petroleum, agriculture, informational technology and ship manufacturing.Canada has less manufacturing cost and low commercial taxes. Canada provides easy and swift access to market for marketing.Moreover, this country has strong economical position.All these factors encourage overseas investors and businessmen to visit this part of the worlds and invest in different sectors where they want.Canada offers high return in the form of profit in any business or trade because of systematic system.Canadian market is a vast because of more access of international traders and purchasers.Canada in this regard introduced different types of business or investment visas.All these Canada Business Visas have their own requirements and procedures, term and condition.However, Quebec province have its own strategy planning and rules to induct businessmen according to their own requirement.

Self-Employed Person Program:

The self-employed program is for those overseas investors who have sound experience and skills.These self-employed people offer job to many others and enhances the national economy of this country.These self-employed people are permitted in this country through assessing different factors like age, qualification, experience, language proficiency, adaptability, etc.However, it is also necessary for this visa applicant must provide security clearance certificate from native country and medical fitness certificate as well.

Start-Up/ Canada Business Visa Program:

This visa program is designed for those applicant who visits this country along with a business idea and have enough money to fund in that particular idea.To secure this visa category it is necessary for the applicant that he fulfills the language ability or fluency according to the demand.Moreover, it is also compulsory that your idea or business program is approved by selected organization.It is the most vital that he has enough funds to mange this idea successfully.

The Immigrant Investor Venture Capital (IIVC) Pilot Program:

This program is re-launched and it will process initial 60 applications.However, the other 60 extra applications will also accept by CIC and file them as waiting list.This program will stop after entertaining these received applications. However, these 60 applicants will get permanent residence of this country.

Eligible condition for this (IIVC) Pilot Program:

Applicant can apply on this Immigrant investor venture capital pilot Program if he completes all needed requirements.
1. Applicant for this program must have net-worth of CDN $10 million or more.
2. Applicant has a plan to settle outside the Quebec province.
3. Applicant willing to invest this money, which has non-granted.
4. Applicant for this program proves that he is good at English or French.
5. Applicant must have Canadian post-secondary degree, diploma or certification minimum for one year.

Provincial Nomination Programs (PNP) Also Nominate Business Immigrants:

Canadian provinces have their own selection criteria and their own designed program for induction of foreign investor.This Provincial Nomination Programs is arranging according to the need and demands of the province.So, this Provincial Nomination Programs is specifically designed for province own interests.These programs also suit the businessmen and investors from other part of the world.

Quebec Business Immigration Program:

Quebec Business program assists the international investors and businessmen to invest this part of Canada.This province facilitates the investors, self-employed and businessmen to invest or develop new business.

A. Self-Employed Worker Program Requirement:

1. The interested applicant is willing to establish business in this region.
2. The applicant must have at least C$100,000.
3. Applicant should be equipped with at least two year relevant experience, which is practice in Quebec.

B. Investor Program:

1. This program demands at least C$1,600,000 as assets.
2. Applicant has experience in management, industrial business or professional business.
3. Applicant must have planned to reside in Quebec and invest minimum C$800,000.

C. Entrepreneur Program:

1. Applicant for this program must have minimum C$300,000.
2. Applicant should be equipped with at least two years relevant experience in lawful business.
3. The business should be full-time in this province.