Australia Visit Visa

Australia an amazing country having enrich culture and natural beauty, this country is basically a continent Australia.It has different types of topography and fantastic scenery.Australia has vast plains, mountains chains, oceans, open field, forest, desert, rivers, beaches and other man-made monuments.Tourists and visitors from all over the globe want to visit this part of the world because of its marvelous beauty.There are amazing animals, which attracts the international visitors and tourists.The most prominent native living species are kangaroos, koalas and wombats jumping even on rods.Australia is an excellent touring place in the world because of classic facilities and services 
provided by the government and private organizations.Moreover, this country is familiar for its best beaches of the world which attracts tourists.Australia provides the best accommodation and traveling facilities within country.Australian hotels are untouchable due to their facilities and provided service.

Australia Tourism Attractions:

Australia is an amazing country according to visiting or tourism point of view there are millions of tourists 
visit this part of the world because of its natural beauty and facilities.Australia offers best facilities to foreign and native tourists in different visiting sites.Sydney, Hobart, Melbourne, Canberra, Gold Coast and Uluru are fantastic cities of this country because of their natural beauty.Australia is a blend of different culture and they are living their lives according to their beliefs.Australia also provide different types of facilities and fun options at touring sites in the form of sports, foods, water sports and other Adventurer games.There are different needs and reasons to visit this part of the world by overseas visitors like spending holidays, site visiting, recreational events, family and friends visit, medical assistance, trade and business tours.However, the visitors must require a visit visa to visit mentioned activities.

Australia Visit Visa Types:

There are different types of visit visas which are available for overseas applicant.All these visit visas have different requirements according to the nature of the visit visa.
The followings are some major types of visit visa to Australia.

1. Visitor Visa Australia Subclass 600:

This Australian visits visa is designed for sightseeing; business trip and family visit and have temporary stay.This category of visit visa is for holidays, entertaining and family visit. This visit visa permits the visa holder to study for three months in this country. Moreover, businessmen who want to visit for conferences or seminars or consignments.

Basic Requirements:-

1. Applicant must be in good physical and ethical character.

2. Prove your visit purpose before the authorities and will go back after maturity of visa.

3. Applicant has enough funds to arrange these visits.

4. In case of family stream visa a sponsor should be there.

5. The visa charges are about 130$ and medical test fee that is paid by the candidate directly to doctor.

6. Police clearance certificate from belonging country.

2. Visitor Visa Australia Subclass 601:

This Electronic travel Authority visa is awarded to be enlisted countries inhabitants and on this visa 
they can stay for three months in single visit.It is to visit family and business deals in this country. Enlisted country for this visits visa type are :

Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Brunei, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, 
Hong Kong (SAR of China), Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, 
Malaysia, Malta, Monaco, Norway, Portugal, Republic of San Marino, Singapore, South Korea, 
Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Netherlands,United Kingdom—British Citizen and British National (Overseas), United States and Vatican City.

Basic Requirements:-

1. Applicant should have good physical fitness and moral character.

2. The purpose of visit must clear in front of visa authorities.

3. Good financial position to support themselves during the visit.

4. Visa processing fee and medical examination charges will be paid by the applicant.

3. Visitor visa Australia Subclass 602 Medical treatment

This visit visa is for those applicants who want to visit this country for medical treatment or checkup. 

This medical visit visa also issued for organ transplantation in this country. 

This medical visit visa is awarded for three months.

Visitor Visa Australia Subclass 602 :

1. Applicant should have good moral and physical health.

2. Applicant for this medical visit visa must have finical sound to pay all his medical bills and charges during his stay in Australia.

3. Applicant must not have Domestic work visa.

4. All medical charges and doctors fee will be paid by the applicant.

5. Security clearance certificate from the country in which applicant is living from last six to one year.

Besides these the followings are some important visit visa categories through which applicant can apply.

651-e Visitor, 771- Transit, 942-Crew Travel Authority, 

488- Super yacht Crew, 488- Work and Holiday, 417-Working Holiday,

416- Special Program and 405- Investor Retirement.