Australia Business Visa

Australia is a developed country of the world and it attracts skilled workers,investors and businessmen from all over the world to participate their role.The business community and investors invest millions of dollars in different projects and get benefits from Australian government in the form of tax relaxation. Australian government sponsor businessmen and offer different packages including residency. Australia is fantastic with other continents and countries in term of business relation that is why it enhancing its economy. Australia is marvelous for investment and establishing new businesses. This country offers the best investment environment, classic employment and other facilities.Australia business visa is an ideal for international business community who can invest in this part of the world because of fantastic investment policies.Australian business visa allows the businessmen to visit this part of the world and try to understand the financial position and creating working environment.

Australia Business Men Attractions:

There are different attraction for overseas investors and businessmen in this region of the world. Moreover, the government policies regarding business in this country are outstanding and fascinate the businessmen to establish business.1. Australian economy is included in top five economies of the world.2. Australia has a strong business bond among Europe, Asia and the United States.3. Australia provides the best investment opportunities to businessmen in private sector industry.4. Australian the best business policies encourage the world business community that is why more than 18,000 overseas companies are registered in this country.

Australia Business Types:

Australia have different types of business visas according to the nature of visa and requirement.This visa offers residence for indefinite period and applicant can work in this country during his reside.He can apply for citizenship if he fulfills requirements. The visa holder can sponsor family and relatives.The followings are some important types of Australian business visas.

1:Australia Business Talent Visa (Subclass 132): 

This business visas for those businessmen who are  willing to establish new business or invest in runningbusiness and they are nominated by government or territory. This visa is divided into followings classes.

A. Significant Business History Stream:

This visa is for those businessmen having handsome assets and willing to create business in this country.

B. Venture Capital Entrepreneur Stream:

This is for those businessmen having money from the Australian Venture Capital Association Limited (AVCAL).

2. Business innovation and investment visa (Subclass 188)

This business visa is temporary and awarded to businessmen who are willing to start new business or invest in running business.It is necessary for the businessmen that they invest precise investment in this country.This business visa only demands capital, but not points. It is necessary for the investor that he must stay in Australia minimum 160 days out of four years.This visa category is divided into three classes.

A. The Business Innovation stream:

This is for those businessmen who start or organize prevailing business unit in this country.

B.The Investor stream:

 This visa is for those foreign investors who are willing to invest specific amount of capital in Australian state or territory.

C. The Significant Investor stream:

This is for those businessmen who are willing to invest minimum 5 million AUD in this country when real investment gets matured.

3. Business Innovation And Investment Visa (Subclass 888):

This business visa can be applied without filing expression of interest. It is necessary for the applicant of this visa that he has neat and clean record.It is also valid that investor is invited by Australian state or territory. This business visa allows the investor to live for unlimited time in this country.This visa can also lead to citizenship if an applicant fulfills all requirements. The visa holder can bring family and relative on this behalf.

4:Business Owner Visa (Subclass 890):

This business visa for those foreign businessmen who own their own business in this country.At the time of application submission their applicant must spend one year out of two years in this country.The applicant must be original investor and have good moral character.The investor must have minimum AUD100 000 prior to submit application.Similarly, if applicant have two businesses in this country, then he must have minimum AUD 300 000 in the past 12 months.
However, there are few other business visas are also available in some other categories like:

1. Investor visa (Subclass 891)

2. State/Territory sponsored business owner (Subclass 892)

3. State/Territory sponsored investor (Subclass 893)